Everyone Deserves to Be Protected

No one wants to feel unsafe at home—it’s why you might install a smart home security system that can send alerts to your phone or can alert the authorities for you.

But do you feel safe at work? Security systems these days can be easily installed by the everyday consumer. You probably have already cameras set up in your building or office. You might have even installed the cameras yourself! Those cameras keep an eye out for any suspicious activity during the work day and after hours when everyone has gone home.

It feels like common sense to have strategies in place to protect yourself, your home, and your office. So what about your digital spaces?

Cyber-Attacks Can Happen in An Instant

No one wants to believe it will happen to them, but the possibility of a cyber-attack is very real. As technology has grown and evolved into innovative tools for our businesses and our daily lives, hackers have become more sophisticated in their methods.

These hackers are no longer cracking firewires and pulling off a cyber-mission-impossible; these hackers and threats to your business are let in with a few clicks by an employee. What is mistaken for an average email is actually called phishing, and it tricks someone into clicking on a file or attachment with malicious intent. In a matter of moments, ransomware can take over the computer and all of its data. Now, the employee is unaware that a couple of clicks in an email can open a trapdoor for the bad guys to get in. It’s a common tactic by hackers to gain access and it’s so easy to fall for that even you could be tricked by it.

The majority of cyber-attacks are triggered by employees unknowingly granted access to hackers. These cyber-attacks are best combatted by stopping them in their tracks, which is typically in your inbox.

We Can Fight Back—Knowledge is Power

Unfortunately, the underground community of hackers is very well connected, and they share information about which tactics are working and which are not. And the FBI can’t do anything when it comes to cyber-attacks. But there is hope in protecting your company against cyber-attacks and security breaches: education.

ThreatAdvice knows education and awareness of cyber-attacks and threats is invaluable to any business that uses a computer—which is pretty much everyone! That is why we follow a formula of assessing potential risk, continual education programs, and ensuring your peace of mind. Partnering with ThreatAdvice grants you access to our team of experts who are ready to provide around the clock cybersecurity, as well as cyber education and awareness for your employees.

We provide exercises and simulations for your employees as part of their cyber education. We do this to put the power in the hands of your people—the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. With consistent education and training, regularly simulated attacks, and supplemental insurance are just some of the benefits you get when partnering with ThreatAdvice for your cyber-security needs.

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