Have you ever watched a character on a crime show ask to call their attorney or say, “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer”? Maybe you’ve had thought, “Does everyone have an attorney on speed-dial? I wonder who I would call…”

You won’t need to wonder when you’re a customer of LegalShield, and once you sign up, an entire law firm is on your side for any of your legal needs!

When an unforeseen accident interrupts your life, do you know who you can turn to and trust with your legal needs? Could you find a law firm that fit your budget?

LegalShield provides legal service plans to individuals and business owners. Customers of LegalShield have instant access to legal advice and counsel from qualified attorneys. Your legal team can help you with personal and business legal services.

While no one wants the worst-case scenario to become their reality, it’s always better to be prepared and have a plan of action. LegalShield is simple and straightforward access for everything from legal consultation for wills and contracts to time sensitive and emergency legal advice.

Harland Stonecipher found himself in this exact scenario back in 1969. He quickly realized how unprepared he was for the legal costs brought on by his accident. Because Harland didn’t want anyone else to go through the same uncertainty and financial stress he experienced, he founded LegalShield.

His mission was to provide affordable and easily accessible legal service for anyone with any situation—no matter how big or small.


Identity theft is scary. Victims of identity theft often feel violated, vulnerable, and even ashamed when their identity has been compromised. Identity theft is more than just someone stealing your credit card information or copying your social security number.

Identity theft can affect your online presence—on personal profiles and professional accounts.

IDShield is a division of LegalShield with the same mission of affordable access for all. IDShield specializes in identity theft protection with plans available for individuals as well as coverage for your entire family. Family plans cover you, your spouse, and as many as 10 dependent children.

Customers of IDShield can expect security and privacy monitoring for any suspicious activity around their bank accounts, credit cards, social security, and use of personal information such as date of birth, phone numbers, and email addresses.

IDShield can also monitor your social media accounts for risks to your privacy and reputation. If your identity has been compromised, IDShield can provide you with a private investigator to recover and restore your identity. You can use the IDShield app on your iPhone or Android phone to stay in touch with your advisor and to monitor any changes to your identity. There is no reason you shouldn’t feel supported with your legal needs. And there is no reason to leave your identity unprotected. Interested in shielding yourself from the potential risks to your finances, identity, and peace of mind? Call us today!

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